Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We've Been Busy!

We've been busy in the Bunny Hill Studio. Really Busy! My bunny helpers, Nancy and Robin, have been helping me cut up 19 bolts of "Angel House" fabric, and right now we have stacks and stacks sitting all over the studio. Glad you're not coming to visit! I'd have some serious picking up to do.

And why are we cutting up all this fabric? We're putting together bundles for the Bunny Hill web site. Finally! It's definitely more fun to cut fabric with friends. We watched the Inauguration and cut fabric at the same time!

We did have a few who were not happy we were so busy....

My grand-daughter's are waiting for me to make cookies with them. You can see they have high expectations. They put a sticky note on all the pages they want to try. I think there might be 25 sticky notes in this recipe book. They'll be happy when the bundles are done and they can get me back into the kitchen.

And Chelsea...what can I say. She's not getting any attention. She'd like us to finish up really soon. I promised her by Friday.

...So that means in a few days I should be able give away a bundle of some Angel Fabric!

Hugs all!