Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Arrived, Yes She Has!

I spent the weekend with my new computer. I've named her Brittney and believe me she's earned that name. No pushing this one around. She settled in the studio and then it all began. I could tell from the start she was going to be trouble. No talking to the other computer, no mam, not her. She's a bad girl!

I thought I might have to send her back. A trouble maker I can't have, so I called in the tech squad (my son). It took all weekend but she's finally calmed down. Now we have a Brittney (aka Vista) and Bunny (aka XP), both with pink desktops and a pink mouse. Seems to have helped. At least they're talking!

If she continues to be good, I'll have her select the winner of my give away! That's right, on Thursday morning I'll be giving away a bundle of my "Angel House" fabric, along with my pattern "Postcard Cuties for Angels. A random number drawing by Ms. Brittney (I hope)!

One lucky winner will find this package on their door step very soon! You know what to do. Leave a comment and you'll be entered. See you Thursday morning!