Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh pleeeease!

Chelsea was really excited when she saw my new fabric line arrive. She LOVES the UPS man AND she's feeling kind of cool about fabric named after her. I mean after all, doesn't Chelsea Manor sound a bit important and a little regal?

But when I tied her new ABC bow from my Chelsea Manor fabric on her neck all she could say was "oh pleeeeease"!

After Nancy and I carried all these bolts up to the studio, and tore open a few of them, I knew I was in love with the fabric and Chelsea knew she was in trouble.

We took out the embroidered bunny blocks and tomorrow Nancy and I will start cutting fabric and sewing together my new quilt. Chelsea Manor and Rabbits Prefer Redwork are coming to life! I just can't wait to share this fabric with you!

Nancy and I kept looking at the fabric and looking at Chelsea and who knows what we'll make next?

Does she look a little worried? TEE HEE!

If I can tear myself away from this fabric I'll be back with another post soon! Maybe we'll have a giveaway before too long!

Right about now Bitsy is really glad her name isn't Chelsea.