Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trouble In The Studio!

Trouble again...

She did it. Brittney has been a "bad girl" and I had to tell her she couldn't pick the winner. She's been hoarding all the comments and making fun of "Bunny". And then to make it worse she hid some of my pictures...completely moved them to where she thought they should be.

I've moved on to other methods for this drawing. I had Ross (DH) cut up all your comments and put them into my favorite basket. But then he said, "it's not fair to the people in the bottom of the basket". So off I went to find another container...So if Brittney can't pick the winner who can?

Not Miss Chelsea for sure. She's a bit of a bad girl too. She's been binge eating Kitten Chow and now she's banned from the cat bowls. She can hardly bend over to pick the winner. The vet is going to kill me. Chelsea needs those toenails cut and I'm going to make Ross take her in. That way the vet will yell at him and not me.

So from now on it's a strict diet of veggies and NO dip...

Miss Mooch has been binge eating Kitten Chow too. No more for her, I threw out the bag. Don't care how much she begs, it's Science Diet or nothing. She really can't bend over. She's gained five pounds since we brought home this starved, skinny cat.

She thinks shes on a diet of the finest shimp tee hee!

So you can tell, from the tone of my writing, that there are some strict rules going to be applied at the Bunny Hill studio. Brittney, Miss Mooch and Chelsea are on the list. It's embarrassing because EVERYONE comments on how heavy they are (well not Brittney, but the other two for sure).

So, who's left to pick the winner? Well just look at this sweet little Bitsy. She may be old, but doesn't binge (unless it comes to sweets). She's slim and trim and she makes me proud. So, Bitsy will you please pick from the bowl?


Oh no, she's letting Chelsea in!

Yep, there she is, she's in the bowl...

Head goes in...

And Chelsea comes out with a winner. XXXOOO to Bitsy for being so sweet and letting Chelsea pick the winner...

It's Doreen B, from Monday January 26th who said:
Beautiful fabric and congrats with "Brittney" Please enter me into your draw - Love the fabric and that neat pattern.

Doreen send me an email with your address and we'll send your prize right off...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who visited my blog and to each and everyone of you who left a comment.

If you'd like to buy some of the angel fabric you can find it at and in a few days I'll have bundles on my web site.

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you what we've been working on! It's red and cream and has lots of embroidery!