Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter Wishes!

Winter Wishes everyone! It's December 1st can you believe it? Doesn't it seem like Christmas was just here? I did a little decorating in the studio this weekend, but that's it. I still have an entire house to go. (:

This will be Misty's first Christmas with us. Maybe her first Christmas in a home, ever! I found this picture from July, when we first rescued "Misty Mooch". She was so, so skinny and every bit of food we gave her she gobbled up.

And now after just 5 months, she's gained a good 4 lbs. and looks like a different cat! EVERYONE comments on how big she is. It's really rather embarrassing! But one thing is for sure. She is a very loved cat.

I think this last picture describes her the best...

Isn't it nice to be loved? She'll have a few presents under the tree too! Have a great December 1st. Hope your decorating is going faster than mine!