Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Story of Catch a Christmas Star!

I was talking to Jennifer at
today and she mentioned that she has the last of the "Catch a Christmas Star" kits on sale. Oh be still my heart because that quilt means so much to me. I hate to see the "last" of any kits, but this one especially.

Catch a Christmas Star was one of the first large applique quilts I designed and while I was working on it I got a call that my mother was in the hospital. My son and I got on a plane as fast as we could and I grabbed all the fabric and drawings to bring with me to work on. It was not meant to be, because my mom was very sick and I was told she only had a few weeks or months left. My mother loved to see the things I made and to watch me sew so she insisted I try and work. I just couldn't.

After she died, it was several months before I could work on this design. But when I did I just couldn't stop. "Catch a Christmas Star" took on a life of it's own. It filled me with joy, hope and love and every stitch was a pleasure to stitch! My mother would have loved this quilt. She always encouraged me when I colored my cows purple or did something different than other kids. She would have loved the slightly crooked tree on the bottom left. These snowmen are magical Christmas snowmen filled with happiness and love. The quilt is traveling this year so it won't be home with me. It's in France for the season. France! Can you imagine?

The inspiration for "Catch a Christmas Star" came from somewhere up above I'm sure. If you'd like to purchase a kit you can find it here on Jennifer's site.

Hugs to you all!