Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas at Bunny Hill

The Christmas decorating started this weekend and of course it involved a bunny. This little bunny sits among many other ornaments on my Christmas tree. He's a bit like Peter Rabbit...a little different than all the rest, but loved none the less.

Mooch took right to the tree skirt fabric and made herself at home!

Chelsea was busy burying bones under the ornaments waiting to be put on the tree. Who knows, maybe Santa will find it and bring her something special when he finds it!

I love an old fashioned tree with a mixture of ornaments. Anything goes as long as it's loved!

Little houses...

Tiny vintage mercury glass...

a felt kitty...

...and little whimsical reindeer... after all it's Christmas! The more whimsy the merrier!

The dining room table is a little glitter town.

The living room table is simple and sweet. Still plenty of room for hot chocolate and cookies!

And this little snowman sits in a garland of berries.

Now you can see how I spent my weekend. I love simple decorating! Have you finished your decorating yet? My son's German girlfriend says in Germany most people don't put up a tree until Christmas Eve. How about you? (:

Hugs all!