Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 Days and Counting!

And the lion shall lay down with the lamb...

But at my house the lamb is glittered pink, and who knows what color the lion will be. I haven't found a lion I love yet. Humm...wonder if they come in pink?

I started counting the days with this beautiful advent calendar my friend Nancy made for me. (It has pockets and little treats in each pocket!). Well, I got to day 10 and it hit me! 10 plus 15 is 25! No, no, no we can't have Christmas this fast! I'm not ready at all! It seems for every step I take forward I take two steps back. No presents are wrapped, and the UPS truck keeps arriving. I bought everything online this year, so brown boxes are stacking up and to find time to wrap is next to impossible. Do you feel like this? Where did the time go?

I know Christmas will arrive wrapped presents or not, and at least I've finished decorating. It looks like Christmas even if I'm not ready!

I collect snowmen so I thought it only fitting to have a container filled with them. I found an old box, painted it red and then painted snowmen on the front. These are decorating our kitchen!

Ho, Ho, Ho, I got a bit carried away. There were some plain wood eggs just sitting in a bowl and I couldn't stand it. Once I had the red paint out it was so easy to just keep going.

A feather tree with my childhood ornaments sits on our family room coffee table. I can remember a time when I hated these ornaments. I wanted newer ones, different ones, and I kept these in a box in the garage for the longest time. Then one day I took them out, hung them on this tree and knew that they were somehow beautiful. Funny how that happens!

The kitchen counter gets enamelware cups, filled with berry sprays. I put floral foam in the cups to hold the spays.

And the living room gets the tree again this year. It's the perfect place to sit and read. And on Christmas morning this is where we open presents (If they ever get wrapped)!

Aside from collecting bunnies, lambs, snowmen, chocolate molds etc. etc., I also have a bear collection that comes out every Christmas. This is a shared collection because my husband keeps finding bears and we add them to the collection. Most are "rescues" but I've hidden a couple of the pedigree bears in the crowd. You know, like the FAO Swartz bear...he's in there somewhere!

A tic tac game sits on the coffee table every year. It's been played over and over!

And my favorite angel!

So remember those old ornaments when you decorate. Separate them from the rest and give them a place of honor. All of a sudden the won't look so old!

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Oh and stay tuned. I may be hiring gift wrappers very soon.