Sunday, November 23, 2008

She Shall Have Ribbons!

I love trims. I put them on everything! I use them for flower stems, tote bags, quilt edges, pincushions, Christmas decorations, cat collars, hems and anything else I can think of. I keep a stash in my studio just in case the need strikes. I even love just looking at them! So while I was at market, I walked past the ribbon booths and well you can guess the rest, I bought lots of trims. They’ve been arriving over the past few weeks and FINALLY I have them for sale on my web site. You can find them here at Bunny Hill.

...and more trims

...and more trims!

Now for the great part! I’ve just listed FOUR pages of trims. Four pages! Do you realize how many trims that is? Well one of you will find out very soon! As I was photographing these trims I was also cutting a yard of each one. The stack kept growing and growing and now one lucky person is going to win this pile of trims! 1 yard of every trim on my web site! It’s a giveaway! I’ll choose a winner on Saturday, November 29th. Just tell me why you want this stack of trims! Oh my, I think a few are missing. Do you see them all in the stack below? I may have to cut some more! And she shall have ribbons where ever she goes….

Good luck everyone. May you be sewing with trims very soon! And, yes I'll package them in a much prettier fashion. (: