Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A great day!

I'm in the best mood tonight because as of today I am DONE with patterns. We are shipping, shipping, shipping and I don't have to read any numbers or make myself crazy with tedious little words. DONE! Until next market.

Then I got even more excited because I hopped over to my new Flicker group Pincushions by Bunny Hill and I have 3 members! Then I realized one of them was me! I've sold more than 2 bitty pincushion patterns so there is still hope. All you need is a yahoo account and you can join our little group.

On my way to pick up the finished patterns at the printer, I went right by "Room With A Past", a favorite little shop of mine that is only open once a month. AND they were open! I found some treasures I'll share in another post, but don't you love the pink bike they park out front for their sign?

And inside the shop was a "Oh Christmas Tree" of sorts, made entirely from men's ties. That's right, men's ties! I had to take a photo to share. It's amazing. It has a dowel "trunk" and the tie branches are coat hangers cut in half. I love the creativity of this tree. Wouldn't it be great in Macy's window? It reminded me that Christmas is about 5 weeks away! 5 weeks! How can that be? It's 70 degrees here!

Then, as if the tree wasn't different enough, when I got home my husband had been shopping at our local organic vegetable stand and he brought home this ORANGE cauliflower. It is really orange. It looks as if it had been dipped in a cheddar cheese sauce. And it tastes exactly like regular cauliflower! Go figure that one! Have you ever seen anything like it? I may cook it for thanksgiving and tell my family it's a cheddar cheese cauliflower.

I tell you, in a world with things like tie trees and orange cauliflowers I'm happy to be surround with normal things. Like my little dogs...


and Bitsy...

Oh, you ask...what is Chelsea drinking out of? The water container to fill my iron. It's just her size of course and somehow she knows it. And Bitsy? Well, she only sleeps on my pillow in bed once in awhile when she's really, really tired. No, I don't read her bedtime stories. At least not every night. They are completely normal dogs. Thank goodness because in a world of orange cauliflowers and tie trees we all need some "normal" .

Have a perfectly normal day everyone! May your table be filled with white cauliflowers.