Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last of the market photos

This is it...the last of the 2008 Quilt Market photos. It was amazing in this year of hurricanes and horrible economy, to see all these people come together. Yes, it was slower than normal, but it was fun and I know that this industry will continue to grow. I for one, will make more handmade gifts this year for Christmas and friends and I encourage all of you to do the same. It's the little things we do that say I love you and I'll be saying that a lot!

Here I am with the President of Henry Glass Fabrics, Larry Reichenberg. So what does a President of a fabric company do? A little bit of everything. Not only does he make a LOT of decisions, he tries to keep us all happy: designers, staff and customers. He's in charge of producing great fabric, that you'll all want to buy, and he directs and guides the sales staff. I remember being on the phone with him once when the air conditioning went out. He's in charge of that too!

Henry Glass has added some great designers to their list and I think you'll be delighted to see what's coming soon! It's a talented group and we work great together. Obviously there's some designers missing from my photos, so I'll catch them at spring market. I think there will be a few more surprise names added to the list!

And the part of market I love the most are the evenings we spend with friends. Brenda, Anne and I were so excited to have dinner with our favorite little lady, Emma Jolly! She was the star of the evening and so, so cute! She has the most beautiful skin and gorgeous red hair. She's as pretty as her mom Kimberly!

Kimberly and Emma

So, so happy!

She's one of the happiest babies I've seen!

Probably because she knows how much she is loved by all of us!

And a little pink bow in her hair! And are you ready for this? She does sign language! 18 months old and so smart! She's part of the new generation of babies that can do sign language! Amazing!

Bye Emma! We'll see you next year!

Back at market I have to show you the Michael Miller booth. It took a second place ribbon! I never got by to see the first place booth, but this booth was like walking through fairyland . Their carpet was snow white and I felt like I should take off my shoes when I walked across it.

Fairy blue and white! The entire booth!

And every chair had fairy wings!

A fairy lamp surrounded by flowers. This booth was a wonderland!

But the front of the booth took the cake. It was a bed made from tree branches! It was just incredible and my photo doesn't do it justice. The tree trunks on each side of the bed came up to form a canopy. It was like looking at a fairy bed in the forest! I expected a fairy to fly by any minute!

And then of course there's wonderful Moda. Every year Moda picks a theme and this year it was "Bake Shop"! Oh the things that were cooking in this shop. Wait until you see them!

This was part of the Moda Home booth. Can you believe they even got these lights to work? How's that for a wiring job? Genius a la Moda!

And at Moda even the men wear aprons. This is Bob a Moda sales rep. He's exhausted from selling so much fabric and he had to rest in our booth. Bob you are so cute in that cupcake apron!

And here's a link to a treat you might not know about yet. Lissa Alexander, the sweet, sweet marketing director for Moda has her own blog! That's right she's blogging now and you'll be able to find out what's going on at her second home...Moda! Bunny hop on over and say hi! You'll love getting to know her. We ALL love her!

We obviously couldn't visit Galveston this year. The area was devastated from the hurricane. But I did have a customer from the area tell me that she had heard some of the older homes actually survived the massive storm. It was the new homes that were destroyed. I'm praying for that to be true.

And so I say goodbye to Houston 2008. May 2009 be a better year for this great city.

Oh, and good news! I'm almost done with my new patterns and you'll find them under "what's new" on the bunny hill web site! Finally....I promise NEVER to be this late again!