Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bitty Day

This is a bitty post. Really, I promise! Not too many words and well you'll get the picture LOL!

I taught a Bitty Dog class in Bunny Club yesterday at Thimble Creek our local quilt store. Bitty was really nervous because it was her first appearance after market. She's heard about the Chihuahua movie and how movie stars get treated. And to tell the truth I think Chelsea may have played it up a bit with her. But by the time class was over, she was strutting her stuffing! Bitty dogs were everywhere! All colors and each with their own special look. It was an amazing thing to see!

This bitty dog stayed home. She's a reject that didn't make the cut. SHHHH! Don't tell her!

This is the original bitty. She didn't make it to class because she's traveling and giving autographs. Who knows where she'll pop up!

This is the bitty that premiered at the Bunny Club yesterday.

A little brown bitty made by Nancy. It's a gift for a special friend, but Nancy couldn't stand it and made two of for herself too!

Heidi made this beautiful white bitty dog. No pincushion base yet...she ran out of time, but I know Heidi, and the next time I see her she'll have two more done (:

And only my friend Chickie would think of a red, very French Bitty Dog. Chickie's well traveled and I think her bitty may be too. Just check out that necklace!

I couldn't call it a day without a pink bitty dog. I just had to make one! She's going to Thimble Creek to visit the shop and she's so excited! She'll be there by the end of the week so if you're in the shop look for her!

No day is complete without a group photo. Look there's a bitty in blue with the cutest brown buttons! Why, that's a great looking little dog!

So are you hooked yet? Do you want to make your own bitty dog pincushion or any of the other Bunny Hill pincushions? Since I can't have you all in a class, join me on my new Flickr group called Pincushions by Bunny Hill ! It's your chance to post your own photos or just ask me questions. I'll be checking in to answer questions and I'll have some "how to" photos soon. Get creative and you might win a prize! And, can you name your dog? Don't forget the bunny, bird and kitty. Hummm I wonder what is coming next?

Hugs to my pincushion friends!