Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things to Come at Chelsea Manor

Chelsea Manor was inspired by my love of embroidery. You didn't know I had a love of embroidery? Well if you look back over the Bunny Hill block of the months you're sure to find a touch of embroidery on every quilt. It's been a part of my life for many years and part of the handwork that I love.

The idea for Chelsea Manor was born when I decided to do a redwork version of "Rabbits Prefer Chocolate", called "Rabbits Prefer Embroidery". I reduced my drawings, made changes, added new ones and as I saw the little blocks come to life I knew I wanted my own redwork fabric! I approached my fabric company, Henry Glass Fabrics, and they said yes!

I don't know how much you can see from the little swatches above, so here's a closeup of the main print. I own a vintage calligraphy book from the mid 1800's and the rabbits are filled with the alphabet from this book! Pretty fancy rabbits don't you think? There's a brown version too! And of course little prints and stripes to co-ordinate!

If you'd like to try my redwork bunny quilt, the pattern will be released as soon as the fabric is ready. Here's a little preview of what to expect. I'll keep you posted as I have lots of other redwork projects coming to go with this fabric line! There's even a suprise free pattern that will be up on my web site early next year. I think you'll love it!

If your local quilt shop is coming to market they can order Chelsea Manor now. If not please ask them to check with their local Henry Glass representative after market is over. 2009 is looking like it might be a very fun year!

Chelsea is a very happy little dog right about now. I just told her the name of my new fabric line. Hope she doesn't get a big head!