Monday, October 20, 2008

Controlled Chaos

This man loves Bunny Hill...yes he does!

These boxes are in that UPS truck and on their way to Houston. This is only the first shipment. More boxes were shipped today filled with quilts, and tomorrow we ship forms and last minute things from the printer. It's controlled chaos here at Bunny Hill.

I leave for Houston on Wednesday and I'll be back in a week with lots of pictures to share and stories to tell.

I hope to have patterns on my web site very soon! Until then here's a few sneak peaks ...

Bitty Dog, the newest little pincushion. He's pretty excited and feeling a bit perky for sure. He'd be happy in any fabric and he promises to be a good little pup and hold your pins.

And do you remember these strange little things I showed a few weeks what on earth are they? "Jelly Roses" leaves!They go with my new pattern called "Jelly Roses". For years I offered the Fabric Roses pattern, and now it's even better with Jellies! One jelly roll will make two bouquets! The fabric is "Woodland Bloom" by Moda, and the container comes (not from the Ritz) from Layla Grace!

And of course I have to have a few bunnies..."The French Rabbits"is an applique pillow to decorate your home. It's the little things that count when decorating so set this on a chair, or a bed and have instant charm in a room. The fabric says "French" and the rabbits say cute. (:

Some of you have asked when the pattern for the redwork bunnies will be ready. The blocks are all embroidered and I'm just waiting for fabric. It all depends on how the strike-off's go. I hope to have some fabric by early January if things go as planned, and the pattern will follow shortly after.

Before I sign off for a week, I have one tidbit I HAVE to share with you. Jessica Sprague is offering a FREE scrapbook journal class, yes, FREE starting in November. This is a chance for all of you to get a feel for her classes and make something really cute at the same time. All you need to do is go to her web site, register and then sign up. She's never done something like this before so take advantage of it. I am! Anyone can join! It's free!

Have a great week everyone! I wish you could all come with me. Hugs to everyone and I'll be back soon with lots to share!