Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eleven Days and Counting!

I've been so busy that I'm not sure my head is still on straight. Things are coming and going around here and every day it gets get a bit crazier! Quilts go out express mail and come back express mail. I've seen the postal lady more times this week than I have all year! And what do I have to show for all of this craziness? New patterns I hope! Or maybe little sneak peeks...

I'm so lucky to have other designer friends to share this craziness with. It's wonderful to be able to share trials and successes, to have others that you can ask a question when you're not sure of something, and others you know are feeling just like you! I sometimes think it's what I like the best about this business. Friends that you can see at every market. And friends that you will dearly miss if they skip a market. And to think that new designs are coming from all these friends!

Last market I handed Lynette a bundle of my fabric "Flowers For Emma" and we laughed because it's not in the color range she works with. So home to Australia she took it and ta da! Look at the new pattern she created! It's a sewing set! There's even a cover for your tape measure! She's one of those designer friends I just love, and she's traveling from Australia for quilt market! She's just two booths down from me at market so I'll be able to see her darling bag up close! If you want this pattern ask your local quilt shop to visit Lynette at market, or visit her blog for a list of the shops that carry her patterns.

I met two other designers from Australia last Fall and I'm so excited they are coming to market again! Rosalie and Melly just make me smile and I love their designs! If you read their blog, you know they are busy pulling out their hair trying to get finished for market. Maybe we'll all be still sewing when we arrive. This is the excitement of quilt market!

As for me, I'll have some new designs to show you very, very soon. Until then, just look at what I found in a catalog today! It's a kitty with bunny slippers! Needless to say I've ordered her. If you love bunnies (I mean kitties) you can order her here. Either way I hope she makes you'll smile. (:Hugs all!