Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back from Quilt Market!

A committee of my favorite little furry friends greeted me at the door when I returned from market yesterday. Such excitement you have never seen! I dropped everything in my hands, got down on the floor for licks, barks and purrs all at once! After a rise and shine at 4AM, a few licks felt pretty good (:

We had the best time at market. I swear if I didn't sell a single pattern I would still have a great time! The excitement builds as we see all the booths come together and all our friends stop by to say hello. Hugs all around! What more can you ask for?

These famous shoes stopped by for a hug!
Pam Kitty Morning herself!

Our first day was a sit and wait day. Seems UPS did their part, but our boxes sat on the loading dock most of the day. We're not allowed to carry them in ourselves, so we waited and waited. It wasn't until 4:30PM that they finally arrived and we could finally begin setting up.

A look down our aisle (1800) on day one of setup. We flew in a day early to get started, so waiting and waiting for boxes was NOT fun.

...and here's our booth pretty much all of day one.

The Bunny Hill booth only had two bunnies in it this year, me and my good friend Anne. All the other bunny helpers were home sick, so we were a bit nervous without their help. But we did it and I have to say we were pretty proud of ourselves (pat ourselves on the back Anne!) Once we got our things, I did what any smart woman would do...I hired two men (yes you can do that!) to help us set up the drapes and flooring. That caught us up pretty quick.

Finally by the end of the second day of set up we were able to pull everything together.

Here's an overhead shot of market from the windows on the second floor looking down on the main floor of market.

Behind this board of classes on the second floor, you can see a peek of the round window (left side) that that looks down on the convention floor. This is where I took the overall picture of the convention. It's so exciting to look down and see it all coming together! These round windows are the most popular spot at market before it opens!

And final picture for today is my first purchase on my trip to market. I bought this little Brighton purse at the airport in Phoenix. I had a two hour layover...what's a girl to do? Don't tell my husband. He'd never in his wildest dreams believe that I could shop in the airport! LOL!

Lots more pictures to come and I'll have the new patterns done soon I promise. Hope you all had a great week while I was gone! I missed every single one of you!


So does anyone know why the photos don't enlarge? I'm putting them in at a high resolution on large setting. Any blogger ideas?