Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bitty Dog Went to Market

Bitty Dog went to market and she was so traumatized it was awful! There she was, next to Bitty Kitty, Bitty Bird and Bitty Bunny and she was shy and totally quiet. I kept asking her what was wrong, but it wasn't until we got home that she finally told me. She felt out of an outsider! Why you ask? Because she wasn't made out of wool! I created her out of fabric. Once I heard what upset her, I knew what I had to do. Today she got a new coat...a spiffy herring-bone one at that! Then to make her feel even better I gave her a little pink star collar. What more could a girl ask for?

Tomorrow she leaves to see that famous photographer Gregory Case. He'll take a new photo for her new look. Soon she'll be right at home with the other little critters and now Bitty Dog is a very happy little girl. What? You like her better in fabric? Well, you can still make a fabric Bitty Dog, but she won't be a cover girl. You'll find the fabric bitty on the back of the pattern. Shhhhhhhh...Gotta keep this little dog happy so don't tell her there's a fabric dog on the back. (: After all she thinks she's a wool star!

Speaking of stars, there were a few who stopped by my booth at market.

Anne (that's me) and the other Anne were working away setting up the booth when who should stop by but...

Annie Downs from Hatched and Patched. She creates wonderful stitchery patterns. Traveling all the way from Australia, she's such a sweetie!

Kaari Meng, the author of "The French-Inspired Home" and owner of the shop called "French General" is just as sweet as she looks. She's working on a new fabric line for Moda that will debut at Spring Market. I can't wait!

Lila Tueller, a new designer for Moda. "Arnie" my kitty quilt features her fabric! She's as beautiful as her fabric!

Pat Sloan ! I love everything she does!

Michele Bencsko of Cicada Studio! Michele's a new designer for Henry Glass Fabrics and what a vision she has. She's got a lot of talent and a wonderful new line called Dogwood.

More stars to come so stay tuned...