Monday, September 29, 2008

The turtle and the hare

It's a race to market and for once I'd like to be the turtle, slow and steady. I can't see it happening in the near future but I can dream. So I'm the hare and I'll try and be happy about it. I work last minute, I'm always playing catch up and hey, if I remember right the hare is supposed to get a good nap! None of that happening around here lately. Maybe I should go munch on some carrots.

Only the select few get to see the studio right now. It's in chaos. Yesterday I couldn't find the pattern I was working on and I had to stop and look everywhere. In the end I finally found it, right where I left it, under all the other pattern folders. It's a good thing I'm not in charge of the check book...oh no, I am! They should make check books bigger then they'd be easy to see.

And in all this chaos, a little miracle happened today. "Postcard Cuties for Angels" is on it's way to the quilter! Created in a two week period, thanks to my own little angels, Heidi, Robin, and Melissa! Everyone worked and worked to help me get this quilt done. Oh ladies, this hare loves you!

And to show you all that I am smarter than the average turtle, listen to this...We (me and the above mentioned angels) have created TWO of these Postcard Cuties for Angels! Two samples of the same quilt for quilt market. One for the Henry Glass booth and one for the Bunny Hill booth. Just in case you walk by and forget what it looks like LOL! I know, I know I'm one nutso, I mean smart hare. And none of the above mentioned angels even questioned my request. They must think I know what I'm doing.