Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So many things I can't talk about.

There's so many things I can't talk about yet it's killing me. Everyday I think, "oh I should blog about that" and I realize I can't yet. I can't show you the new patterns because we're still working away, I can't show you my new fabric line because I'm not supposed to talk about it before market, I can't tell you who the new Henry Glass designers are because they have to tell you themselves, I can't talk about my booth and market plans and I can't remember why, but rules are rules everyone! I could just leave you a big blank blog post and you'd get the idea.

Here are a few things I can talk about, kind of. I saw the American Patchwork and Quiting Magazine photos that they took at my house. Chelsea, Bitsy and Mooch made the cut. That's magazine talk for they are in! And boy are they excited! Wait until you see them. So cute!

Yesterday the above mentioned stars got a new pink pampered pooch bed. It's from Moda Home and if you think you have to have one for your special pet, ask your local quilt shop to order one. It has a removable cover and a pillow insert. They LOVE it. Now it's fights for the bed and I think it's because it's pink don't you? Bitsy hasn't made it to the bed yet. Or at least not when I had the camera in my hand.

And then in the mail today came the sweetest surprise from Stephanie over at Loft Creations. She sent me something blue right out of the blue (pardon the pun on blue). It's a beautiful blue bag (bbb) and it's for ME! I absolutely adore it! Made by her, for ME! Thank you Stephanie!

Stephanie's in some fun swaps, and she has lots of fun things going on over at her blog. She's on her way to meet Amy Butler! That will make for some beautiful pictures. Wear your high heels Stephanie! She's gorgeous and tall and really nice.

So in another month I'll be able to chatter on and on about who knows what. I hate having to keep quiet. It's not normal for me.