Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Miracles

It's market crunch time and it gets really crazy around here. Really crazy! But little miracles are happening every day thanks to my wonderful friends and assistants. EVERY DAY!

For example, this little miracle came from my assistant Robin. She's a genius. I needed to make these secret little "things" for one of my patterns and I couldn't figure out how to make them. Well Robin suggested fusible web and ta da...these wonderful little "things" were born! And you, my dear readers will see these wonderful "things" on a Bunny Hill pattern very soon. Nope, can't tell you what they are but I bet you can guess.

And this fabric?

It's from Lakehouse Fabrics. These little pretties are going into another "secret" project from Holly that you'll get to hear about next week. See that tiny little pink elephant fabric? Isn't it darling? Tiny little elephants about 1/4" in size. This will be in stores soon so make yourself a little elephant quilt using this fabric and the free pattern on my web site for the miniature quilt! So where's the miracle in this? Well it's a miracle I got the project done! Done and off to Holly today. Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered.

And here's another miracle happening right now...my friend Anne finally has a blog! I'm so excited! She's a wonderful quilter and such a talented decorator. You will love her new blog, Cottons 'n Wool. Hop on over and say "hi". She'll be so excited. She's working away on some new Bunny Hill patterns (that is if she's not busy posting) and you'll be seeing her at market with me very soon. I'll be taking pictures of her buying wool. Why, I bet she'll buy some cotton too! Her blog name fits her perfectly!

And for those of you loving spring in Australia, did you know that Autumn has arrived here? Yep, we're into Autumn and so excited!