Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time for a scavenger hunt!

Hi everyone! The scavenger hunt is officially over! Chelsea is picking the winners right now. Back in a minute!

Remember those days when scavenger hunts were all the rage? Oh come on it wasn't that long ago! Well the idea came to me that it would be fun to have a virtual scavenger hunt. That's right a virtual scavenger hunt with prizes! So here we go, are you ready?

I'm taking you on a scavenger hunt of Henry Glass fabric designers and it should be fun! The idea started when MY fabric company, yes that would be Henry Glass, started their own blog. That's right they have their own blog and no one has ever left a comment. EVER! Now think about it...for a fabric company to do a blog takes a lot of time, commitment and a desire to reach out to their customers. So I have to hand it to them for going to extra mile. Don't you think they deserve some comments?

So here's what you have to do in my scavenger hunt; visit the Henry Glass blog and leave a comment (the link is in the list below). You can comment on any post you like but you have to comment. Then visit the sites I have listed below, find the answers and bring the answers back to me. Yep that's it!

And what do you get for all this work? First you get to know some really good Henry Glass designers. Second you get to win some fabric and patterns! I have 3 fat packs of my "Flowers for Emma" fabric I'll be giving away(one each for 3 winners), plus you can choose a free pattern from my web site. That's right a free pattern, even a block of the month! But first a little work...

  1. Henry Glass Fabrics new blog:
  2. Michelle Benesko is a NEW Henry Glass designer with a beautiful new fabric line. Tell me the name of her debut fabric line.
  3. Heather Mulder Peterson is so well known if you don't have one of her patterns I'd be very surprised. Tell me the name of her newest fabric line. It's on her blog at
  4. Linda Lum Debono is everywhere! She's written several books and been in numerous magazines . Tell me the name of her Christmas has stockings on can't miss it.
  5. Little Quilts a name we all love! Did you know their shop has a blog? Look on their post for Monday, July 21st and tell me the name of the designer who visited their shop!
  6. Buggy Barn I love their designs and their fabric! A little bird told me they have a fabulous new fabric line coming up. Tell me the name of their latest book. It's on their web site.
  7. Kim Diehl and her famous designs. My friend Anne loves her more than me. LOL! What is the one word you will find in the name of all her books?

That's it! That's all you have to do. I know, it's a bit of work but it should be fun. This is only a few of their designers. You can see lots more, along with FREE PATTERNS on their web site at And more exciting news is coming soon. Henry Glass has added more well known designers to their list of names. So get ready, I see lots of beautiful fabrics in the very near future!

I'm not telling how I'm choosing the winners so don't just copy the first comment on my blog. I'll know if you did. Really. Come's time we worked for a giveaway. I'll be choosing the winner on Thursday, August 28th. Ready, set, go!