Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's All About Pink

I adore pink! I would write in pink if I thought you could read it. I'd buy rose colored glasses and view the world in pink. Almost everything goes with pink and here at Bunny Hill it's considered a neutral.

Seems a few of you out there know that little secret of mine. Look at what arrived in the mail yesterday! A bag of pink things from Jodi at http://simplythisthatandtheother.blogspot.com! I met her through this wonderful world of blogging and she's become one of those blogging friends I always look forward to hearing from.

Isn't that pink "A" just the best? No one has ever given me a pink "A" before!

When I opened the box I was greeted by shades of pink tissue! Pink tissue makes a brown box look so inviting!

And when I saw this book you know I was in heaven! It's just delightful and there's that touch of pink on gray (or grey if you prefer this spelling).

And hidden behind all those wonderful pink goodies was this...

A box of PINK malted milk balls!

Thanks Jodi!

To show you this next wonderful pink you have to be sitting down. Oh that's right you probably are if you're reading this! Well hold on to your seat when you click on this next link, and read the rest of my post first because you'll want to spend some time on this blog. I got an email from Rhonda Beyer who invited me to see her version of my Market Morning quilt in PINK and brown. I was excited and couldn't wait to click on the link. When I did I swear I gasped and you will too. The quilting is like something I've never seen. It is beyond beautiful. Be sure and scroll all the way down on her blog so you can see the process she went through to quilt Market Morning. It's amazing. My friend Anne tells me she has won many awards for her quilting. I can see why. Are you ready?

I couldn't end this post without a tribute to pink. So what did I do? I put on rose colored glasses and looked at Mooch!

Have a great day everyone and THINK PINK!