Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 lbs?

It started out to be such a fun little ride. A dogs dream comes true. There we were just me and Chelsea, driving down the road together, new sites and smells. It doesn’t get any better if you’re a dog.

And then I pulled into that parking lot and everything changed. Who knew a visit to the vet could bring such humiliation! Poor Chelsea, just look at her! She's wishing she had stayed at home. Her life was so much simpler before "the visit". Gone are those puppy days when you put on a little weight and they call it puppy fat. Now they call it plain old fat and make comments like "she's a bit pudgy isn't she!" And to think she gave that vet such a nice old smooch and tail wag!

Just 2 lbs. is all she was overweight and the vet put her on a diet! 100 calories a day! How is a dog supposed to survive on that? I swear I tired to stick up for her. I told the vet she doesn't eat very much. And I swore that I never see her nibbling on the cat food. And those treats in the closet? Well I only give them to her once in awhile. Must be the hubby to blame.

She has to go back to the vet for a re-check in 1 month. Poor dog!

Did you know they don't list calories on a dog food bag? No fat grams either! Should be some kind of law that they have to show them. I was actually reading the entire bag, but no calorie list anywhere.

And do you know what Chelsea told me on the ride home? She said she read somewhere that if you have an overweight dog, you're not getting enough exercise.

She thinks she's one smart dog. Shes a little hungry too. It's carrots and popcorn for her.