Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Long Weekend!

If you live in the United States, happy long weekend everyone! It's Labor Day weekend, our last long weekend of the summer.

My grand-daughters are coming over for a sewing day! We're going to start making Christmas gifts for friends and family. That's right, handmade gifts for them to give. I've got several projects planned, so we'll have to have more of these "sewing days" for sure! I'll post pictures as we make them so you can share the ideas with your own children. Handmade = fun together and gifts that mean more than the ordinary "store bought" things. Can they keep a secret until Christmas? That's another story...LOL!

Remember the magazine send away we did for Julia in Germany? If you're new to my blog, a group of my readers sent their old quilting magazines off to someone they didn't even know in Germany. Julia has a hard time getting quilting magazines but not anymore! LOL! I got the "sweetest" surprise in the mail last week from her. Look at what she sent!

German dog and kitty treats for you know who! Bitsy and Chelsea could smell the package as I was opening it! They were waiting as soon as I took out the treats. Amazing sniffers those dogs have!

and... treats for me! German chocolate and little yogurt gums!


...the cutest pictures from Julia, along with a special thank you note. It's going on my inspiration board for sure. For all of you who participated in this, we've made a new friend in Germany and isn't that what blogging is all about? Thank you Julia! We love you!

And wait until you see the car one of my readers found for me! Lori Brown sent me an email with this photo she took! It's the perfect bunny car!

And then because it wasn't pink, her husband did some magic in Photoshop and ta da...


A pink bunny car for me! Maybe I'll drive over in my new pink car and pick up my Grand-daughters. Can't you see it?

If you haven't been here Cinderberry Stitches has the CUTEST little bag you can make and the pattern is FREE! It's adorable! Natalie does the cutest designs. She's another one of those Australian designers I love!



Oh, I forgot to son and daughter-in-law are having a sale on Bunny Hill fabrics, this weekend only. 30 % off the listed price on everything except Lollipop Lane! You can find it here