Sunday, August 3, 2008

Come On Over for a Cuppa!

Come on over for a cuppa! This is the new word I've learned from my Australian friends. I'm not really sure if a cuppa is a "cup of coffee" or if a cuppa can be anything, like a cuppa hot chocolate, a cuppa tea, a cuppa milk, or even a cuppa V8. Here's my question...if a cuppa can be anything how do you know what you're stopping by for? What if you don't like it? All you Australian's out there please enlighten us!

You may want to wait for later to stop by my house for a cuppa. Any cuppa you get around here this morning would be of the decaffeinated kind. YUCK! If your a coffee drinker you want the real thing not decaffeinated. If you don't remember me telling you (maybe I didn't because it makes me sound VERY spoiled), my husband does all the grocery shopping. I just make the list and try and keep my mouth shut if he forgets something. I know a good thing when I see one.

But decaffeinated coffee means a trip back to the store. No other way to look at it. I have to pay bills today and I can't do that with a cuppa decaf. Nope, just doesn't work and neither will I.

I know, I know, the caffeine isn't good for us. But what can I say? It's my only bad habit. LOL!

The good news is that my next fabric line is FINALLY off to New York. It's a children's line and it took forever to complete the drawings and choose the colors. Mooch tried to help but all she wanted was gray and yellow. I swear she's trying to match the color of her eyes with these color cards.

In case you're wondering if I'm EVER going to do a new floral line the answer is a definite YES. I'm working on it already and it will be introduced at Spring Market. I promise you will love both of my next lines. I'm so excited about them! Children first, then the grownups.

Oh and before I forget, to all of you who have kindly emailed me, my RSS feed at the top is now working again!

I'll pay bills as soon as I have some coffee. That's right, I pay the bills, husband does the grocery shopping. If you're in Safeway in Discovery Bay today say hi! He'll be there for sure. (: