Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wonderful Reads!

It's delightful as always. It's the new issue of "Artful Blogging". I love to read this magazine! The world of blogging has opened the door to creativity and everyone can participate! This is one magazine I read. I mean really read, not just skim the pages till I find something of interest.

Did you notice "Bitty Bird" in the photo above? This is my "artful" contribution to the photo. You'll really see how pitiful my attempt is after you visit the blog I selected as my favorite from this issue of "Artful Blogging". Just the name of this blog makes me want to visit and the photos? You be the judge!

And while I'm sharing my favorite reads, I found a new book by Tone Finnanger, "Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle". This is one designer I would love to meet! I LOVE everything she does. Her look is fresh, creative and delightful. Every single page of this book is beautiful. Every single page, including the table of contents LOL! It's filled with projects I would make for myself.

With so many books flooding the market, it's delightful to find one so unique!

I really need one of those angel geese (upper right corner). I may have to make one!

Have a great weekend everyone! Chelsea and I are going for a walk, all 7 lbs of her.