Sunday, July 20, 2008

We've got a surprise coming!

What's up with this? Could it be a new pattern?

Just maybe! You'll find out in about three weeks if you pick up Australian Homespun Magazine, Volume 9, number 8 available in August! That's right, it's less than three weeks away! I have a new quilt featured in that issue and you'll be able to get the kit and the magazine together! Shabby Fabrics will have kits available and they ship worldwide so you'll be able to order it no matter where you live! The minute the magazine comes out I'll link you to and show you the whole quilt! For now just take a tour of the Shabby Fabrics web site and fall in love with what they offer (:

I showed you a peek of this quilt many months ago, but I didn't tell you what it was.

And Chelsea had to sign a confidentiality contract. Missy hasn't, but then she's still new.

I'll get her paw print very soon.