Saturday, July 19, 2008

Problem Solved!

When I need advice I'm coming to all of you! Seriously, you've solved my problem! After reading through your comments it was Cheryl who said to show him my blog and that's what I did! Patty, your husband's idea of cutting a hole in the floor for me to stand in was SO funny in made my husband crack up laughing! And when someone said to try putting the "stick on thing" on the shelf instead of the door it was a light bulb moment!

My husband knew after reading the first few comments he would have to re-hang it, and I promised to get him some help. So I expect within the next few weeks I'll have the ironing board at the right height and he'll have an enchilada dinner from me! Thank you EVERYONE for your help. You saved me from hurting his feelings; you put some fun into it, and solved a problem that I may have had to live with!

Update on our new cat Miss Mooch (I now call her Missy and my husband calls her Mooch). She thinks she's a dog. She has joined the "pack" with Chelsea and Bitsy... not the other cats! She follows the dogs everywhere. When someone comes to the door, it's Chelsea, Bitsy and Missy who greet them. And Missy gets really excited when the dogs come back from their walk. I almost think she wants to go with them.

So this little gray cat with only one whisker on the left side has captured a place in our hearts. She has a home.

Our little dogs let her share in everything!

Including a nap on the day bed in my studio...

And life is good at the Bunny Hill studio (:

Have a great weekend everyone!