Friday, July 11, 2008

Room For One More

I wasn't going to blog about her yet. Not until I was sure she would fit in. But being away from home, has made me...


...and I miss my doggies, kitties, hubby and this new little cat we call Miss Mooch. She's a new, UNPLANNED addition to Bunny Hill and her story is a pretty sad one, but it's happening all across America right now.

For the last six months, off and on, she's been coming in through the dog door at my son's house late at night. He has 3 LARGE dogs so this isn't something I advise a cat to do. She's been seen around the neighborhood, and sneaking in his outdoor shed for shelter. She wouldn't come to anyone until a few weeks ago. Desperate times create desperate cats and I think she decided she'd had enough.

She came up to my daughter-in-law, Diana! She called, and we drove over to see her. Then she came to us too! She was so thin, starving and looked pretty bad so we kept her in the garage overnight to make sure she didn't make our other animals sick. Then it was off to the vet in the morning. She's been declared healthy, had her shots and now she's been at our house for about month. As tame as she is, our Vet said she thinks she was probably left behind when a house went into foreclosure. There are so many in our neighborhood. People loose their house and can't take their animals with them so they get left behind.

But Miss Mooch has a new home. She's joined Chelsea and Bitsy in the studio and spends her days with me. She follows me everywhere, right along with the dogs. I think she's become part of the pack. The ravenous eating has stopped and maybe she knows she'll be taken care of. It's not that we wanted another cat, but how can you turn your back on one in such desperate need? We couldn't. We just couldn't.

A bit of a grumpy look, but she is one happy cat. I adore animals. They are such wise creatures, knowing much more than they tell. Miss Mooch has plenty to say. I just can't understand it all yet!

Tomorrow is the Sister's Quilt Show here in Oregon, then it's back to California and my "pack"...husband and all the rest (:

Home sweet home everyone!