Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quilt Show Day

Saturday was perfect weather for an outdoor quilt show. Perfect! Low 80's until late afternoon, so we were in heaven walking around the beautiful town of Sisters, Oregon. We arrived early, before the crowds, and by the time we left the streets were filled with people. It's a quaint little town that looks like something out of a wild west movie. It's adorable! Fill it with quilts and you have a wonderful, refreshing quilt show. I took pictures so enjoy!

The fire department hangs the quilts high up on the buildings. You can see the firemen every year, ladder trucks and all. It's part of the wonderful tradition.

Every building has quilts... ...and there's always a line at the Sister's Bakery...

and all the shops are decorated their very best...

...and the local shoe store is a "must stop" shop.

Of course it wouldn't be a quilt show without quilts...

As we were leaving, I found a "Strawberry Hill" entered in the show. It's always exciting to see something you've designed on display!

And we can't forget the animals. This is the town cat enjoying a quilt. At least that's what he told me!

I'll have to wait a bit to see my own kitties and dogs. We had car trouble as we were leaving town and we've been here a bit longer than expected. We expect to drive back tomorrow. Keeping our fingers crossed.

If you want to see cute pet pictures, visit Lynette's blog. She's an animal lover like me and these pictures are so, so sweet. She found a little kitten and took it in... Lynette, we love you!

Enjoy the pictures everyone!