Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Love Antiquing!

I Love Antiquing! Love it! I love looking at the treasures that I never knew were treasures. Who knew the Pyrex mixing bowls we used every day, and NEVER worried about breaking, would someday become prized possessions and sit on a shelf just to look at! I think that's part of the charm of antique stores...those nostalgic things we grew up with. Something that brings back memories. I'm always saying"my mother had one like that" when I antique shop!

When I'm in Bend I take a 30 minute drive to Redmond and here's where I's the Redmond Antique Mall. A HUGE store with lots of different vendors. By the time I go through this store I don't need to go any place else. It takes several hours just to browse and I always leave with a treasure. Always!

I took pictures for you. Pretend you're with me shopping! If you see anything you want I'll go back for you so come on in! (:

See anything you want? Sorry Pam, I called and the Red boots are gone. Tee Hee!

And what did I bring home after all that eye candy?

A circa 1920's fireplace screen! It's going back to California with me. My husband will hate it, but I think I'll bring my lamb to help the "look". He's sure to see the lamb and NOT the fireplace screen, right?

Up next is the Sister's Quilt Show on Saturday and then it's back to California on Sunday.