Wednesday, July 16, 2008

150 lb. Ironing Board!

Dear Abby, (that's what I've named all of you blog reader's out there),

I need your advice regarding my 150 lb. ironing board. Who knew an ironing board could be so heavy? Well now the entire neighborhood does! When the UPS man pulled up, he made the announcement. It went something like this..."who on earth orders 150 lb. ironing board?" My husband chimed right in and said "it has to be my wife". They had a good laugh at my expense.

I had no idea when I ordered this "on sale" ironing board that it would weigh that much. It's one of those ironing boards that hang on the wall inside a cabinet. I hate the way my old ironing board looks in my studio, so I thought this one would be great to hang inside my studio closet. Why I even have a plug inside the closet. Then no one could see it and I could be a closet ironer. Tee Hee!

I forgot one thing. To measure! After my husband hauled it up the stairs, held it up on the wall under the closet shelves and I opened the cabinet door to make sure we adjusted the height, the board would only go as high as 2 feet off the ground. The closet shelves were in the way. I was SO dissapointed and he said "don't worry, I'll figure something out".

And he did! While I was gone he CUT OUT a section of the closet shelf and hung the ironing board. Yes, I'm going to let you all into my closet so you can see this. It's amazing! Here's a picture of the cabinet hung on the can see where he cut out the shelf. If you enlarge the photo you will see a little round plastic "stick on" thing that he says will act as a "door stop" so the door won't hit the shelf (Not so pretty, but he thinks it's great).

In the photo below you can see the cut out closet shelf...

And below is a photo of the door open so you can see the ironing board.

He has to be the perfect husband right? So sweet to do this for me and so proud of himself. I opened the door, pulled down the ironing board and then I heard the words come out of his mouth "I hope it's ok, because I guessed at the height". Guess he did. It's a good 6" too low for comfortable ironing. Comes up to the top of my thighs so I have to bend my neck too much. To fix it he would have to remove the entire cabinet (all 150 lbs.), re-hang the rods that hold it to the wall, and then hang the cabinet again.

So what would you do? Would you tell your husband that it's too low knowing what it means or would you just iron at a lower height and forget it? Should I just wait six months and then say something like "my neck is really hurting from that ironing board"? Would you leave it where it is and just use the old ironing board LOL! Adjust your ironing board to a lower height and you'll see what I mean.