Monday, July 7, 2008

Every week should be quilt show week!

I'm writing this from beautiful Bend, Oregon. We have a vacation home here and I've not had a "vacation" in a long time. It feels so good to get away and enjoy the beautiful country. Here's where I am tonight as I write our great room with all the things I love. The day bed is my very favorite place to curl up and watch TV, read a book or even chat with friends. The house is a bit more cluttered with sewing "stuff" since I've arrived. Wish you could all be here!

We even have a bunny bed. Don't think that I sleep in this bed because my company is Bunny Hill....just guests and grandkids. The grandkids love it, and what can guests say? Not a thing !

Today my friend Anne and I went shopping at the Goodwill store. We are so proud of ourselves! I always go thrift shopping when I come here because they have great "finds". Vicki Bellino called just as we were going into the store. She was whining about not being here yet, until she heard where we were headed and then she wanted no part of it! She'll be jealous, because look at what I bought for $3.99!

It's a rare, antique cabbage bowl and some Good and Plenty candies that I don't think are antique. OK, maybe the bowl isn't antique either, but it's sure cute with a "bunny" style! It's china from England and will be perfect next to my Porcelain bunnies on the hutch at home. Goodwill does it again and Vicki aren't you jealous?

Then it was over to one of the local quilt shops and I HAD to buy some fat quaters of Alex Anderson's redwork fabric. I LOVE it!

Now, before I say goodnight, turn your American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar to July if you haven't done so yet, and you'll see my "Candy Cobblestone" quilt! That's right, it's me and I bet you didn't know it, because who reads a calendar? Here's a picture as I was designing staging, no lighting, and no side triangles! But you can see the design and the striped sashing . I loved that striped fabric SO much that I could have used it forever. I have no idea why this quilt is in July...must be the red sashing posts, do you think?

More tomorrow. It's past my bed time! Goodnight everyone!