Thursday, July 3, 2008

Color Makes Me Happy!

Color just does it to me. The right colors make my heart sing and today I am surrounded with colors that I love! Wonderful shades of aqua, green and pink will get me every time! Add yellow and a touch of red and I couldn't be happier!

My son and his girlsfriend are visiting from Spain and they bought me these flowers at our local store. My husband put them in this green pitcher and I stopped in my tacks when I saw them. Ping went the heart. The colors were so pretty! And that pink happy dot fabric? Well, that's a strike off from my "Angel Houses" fabric line! Yes, the first strike off's arrived, I made some changes and now I'm waiting for the second set. I want the colors to be perfect so it's back to the mill, change the green and yellow a bit, but don't touch the pink happy's perfect! It makes me smile!

I surround myself with the colors that I love without even thinking. It's instinctive and not something I can change.. Have you thought about what your favorite colors are? Look around and you'll know. I'm sure you're surround by them right now. If not, get out that paint brush and change some things. You'll feel so much better!

Next week I'm headed to our house in Bend, Oregon. Saturday is the Sister's quilt show and the town of Sister's Oregon will be filled with quilters! It's an outdoor quilt show that takes up the whole town. It's so much fun! I'll take lots of pictures! If you're there be sure and say hi. I'm the one with the camera. (:

Look at the colors of these pencils and note books I'm taking with me! I'm sure to be inspired. I can't wait to open the page and start making notes!

And I'm taking this little book along to curl up and read. It's a great book for anyone wanting to start their own crafting buisness. So many pictures, advice from all the pros and wonderful tips and suggestions. It's a delightful book with page,

after page,

after page,

of wonderful photos and stories...

While I'm in Bend I'm sneaking in a few "sewing" days with Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek and my friend Anne. Now, doesn't that sound like fun? I'll be sewing something using this jelly roll of Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueller and Moda Fabrics. You'll never guess what I'm sewing. I hope it works (:

I almost sweet magazine ladies...your goodies are being shipped gradually this coming week. Check your mail box! Julia is just starting to get her magazines so be sure to watch her blog

Happy 4th of July everyone!