Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning in June

This cleaning thing has turned into a major project, and from all of your comments in my last post it sounds like I'm not alone. It's good to know that others are out there sorting through stacks of accumulated "must haves" too! How on earth do we pile up so many things, and how do so many things manage to get right where we need to work? The perfect example is my collection of rotary cutters. I am NOT to blame for this...the Olfa Corporation is.

How could they keep adding ""limited edition" colors and expect us not to buy one? What if all our friends bought one and we didn't get in on the deal? I have two work stations, each with a collection of rotary cutters, and then I have the traveling ones that go to classes with me, this all adds up to a LOT of rotary cutters. My cleaning frenzy has brought this to my attention because now I'm on the hunt for the perfect container for my rotary cutters and Olfa is to blame. All I can say is they BETTER not come out with another color.

Right in the middle of my organizing phase, I got an email from Restoration Hardware. Guess what? They have a new collection called Baby & Child. I can see they'll be added to my list of companies to blame very soon. Just look at these storage boxes! Pink of course.

And these pink suitcases! For storage only, but don't you love them? Too bad they don't hold rotary cutters LOL!

My next thing to tackle is the magazines. Those are MUCH worse than the rotary cutters and I have to spend some time sorting through all stacks. I have a sorting system that works for me and I'll share it with you in my next post.

Please don't tell me if you buy the pink suitcases. I've already spent too much money on the pink boxes with the dots...had I just known this "baby" would have these! (: