Sunday, June 22, 2008

From one quilter to another, it's time to share!

Oh my, what a nightmare my organizing hour has become! It's taking so much longer than I expected. I could be at this until next January! I remember when my father-in-law died, we found stacks of National Geographic magazines in his house. STACKS. The charity places wouldn't even take them! I've always thought quilting magazines were the exception, but who knows? I have a feeling that if I walked into a thrift store right now I might get turned away!

And do any of you buy the same magazine twice? How about books? Ever done that one?! I hope I'm not alone in this madness!

So I've come up with this idea that could be a lot of fun. I'm going to give some magazines to Julia who lives in Germany . She left a comment on my organizing post and it seems she would LOVE to have the problem I do. I can't send stacks of magazines because of the cost, but a few here and there would be a fun way of sharing, from one quilter to another! Check out her blog at . She posts in both German and English! Leave a comment to tell her you came to visit. And Julia, please email me your address and wait for the mailman!

Here's the fun part...join me in sending Julia some magazines! Email me to get her address, then take a flat rate global priority envelope (free at your post office) and send some magazines! It isn't that much money and we can get at least two or three magazines in one envelope. After you send off your magazines (be selective, only good ones please), email me and I'll send you a surprise treat from Bunny Hill! A treat for the first 25 people who join me in sharing!

Added 6/25: Guess what? We have reached the limit! Julia you will be getting a LOT of magazines. Thanks everyone!