Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For The Girls

Take a purse, add a little girl and there's bound to be a smile! Now take a "Little Jelly Bag" pattern and add a sewing day with two little girls and the fun begins! Chickie's grand-daughters, Stella and Rachel each made 2 Little Jelly Bag's of their own. No jelly rolls for these little girls...they went right for the fabric. Each selected the perfect fabrics and then cut their fabric following the measurements for the batting/lining! Chickie supervised and the machines started humming. When their bags were done there were two pretty girls with two new bags!

These little bags aren't just for IPhones or cameras. Just ask Emma, my friend Anne's grand-daughter. Anne designed the Little Jelly Bag pattern with me and Emma's pretty proud of her Grammy!

Here, I'll let her tell you herself...

"so, it's not just any old purse. but it's a purse my grammy designed. i dont' really understand it all myself, but it was a hit at market in Portland(which is a huge one for quilters) and grammy's pattern could show up in stores all over! and get this...the pattern comes in 5 different sizes! So you can fit your iphone, cellphone, camera, lipstick, whatever. i prefer to put blocks and sunglasses in mine! "

Thanks Emma, we love your review!

I think there's another Emma in Texas who might need a Little Jelly pink maybe? I'd better get busy!