Friday, June 27, 2008

The Beast Is In the Studio!

The BEAST is in the studio!

No, not the little brown beast with her head behind the pillows, but the big black beast next to her! I think of her as a beast, and so she has a name. She's been in a closet for a year now and I made my husband and son carry her upstairs to my studio. I had to listen to lots of grumbling and complaining, but she made it up. My husband made some comment like "if she comes down she keeps going". Tough he is NOT so I'm not worried.

Shabby and chic she isn't. I even called Schwinn to see if they made pink bikes ("no, sorry only commercial colors and this is the first time we've been asked that"). Well they just lost another sale from me because I would have ordered a pink one, yes I would have. If you come to visit I might stick her in the closet, but for now she's out because my intention is to ride this beast before I start working in the morning.

Chelsea didn't want to be outdone so she gave me her most BEASTLY look. Eat your heart out Mark Lipinski because Chelsea is mine, yapper and all. Yes, I might like to have that little Petunia of yours too, but I'm still keeping Chelsea. LOL!

And now for another beast in the magazine send off! I tell you, if I ever get this straight it will be a miracle. I can't keep track of who's coming or going, but I think I finally have it figured out. Maybe. Maybe not.

Please make sure your name is on the list if you've contacted me. If you don't see a city by your name, I need your address! Email me because in the next post I'm showing what treats you'll be getting AND I'm doing a surprise drawing with your names. I'm giving away 3 of "I Believe in Angels" because you are angels for sure! To those of you in Australia and Canada a DOUBLE thank you! I never realized postage was so expensive in your countries. How's the price of your gas? LOL!

  1. Carol Lewis/Arizona

  2. Cathi Godwin/Toronto, Ontario

  3. Beth Dasecke/Australia

  4. Erin Bennett/New Hampsire

  5. Jodi Nelson/Oregon/

  6. Sally Frye/Illinois

  7. Angela Bonomo/California

  8. Karen Perry

  9. Diane Saphos/Pennsylvania

  10. Dora Dis/Reykjavik, Iceland

  11. Jackie Kunkel

  12. Marcia Campbell/Australia

  13. Pat Shipp/ Florida

  14. Jean Cogdill/Utah/

  15. Sharon Clark/Kentucky

  16. Jan Richards/Washington

  17. Jocelyn House/Australia

  18. Lori Marchbanks/Maine

  19. Bridgette Mason/California

  20. Pat Duffany/New York/

  21. Susan Haase/California

  22. Cheryl Killingsworth/Arkansas

  23. Louise Murphy/Washington

  24. Vicky McGee/California

  25. Anne Dease/California
  26. Diane Nagle/Nevada
  27. Tami/Tucson

And finally, to make this beast happy (that would be me) and to help my organization attempt, I bought this CUTE pink shelf on eBay. Then I rounded up all my glass jars, salt and pepper shakers etc. and I managed to bring some clutter under control. They now sit so pretty on the little pink shelf, happy as can be in my studio. I've got some canned air ready when they need dusting!

This post took much longer than I expected. That beast is calling me. Be back soon...