Saturday, May 31, 2008

My banner is back!

Did you know it was gone? Well, it was, but only for a bit. I thought I somehow deleted it, while playing around inside the HTML section of the blog. Oh I was thinking how smart I was and how I'm sure I could put a code in all by my little old self and I clicked on save and the template was gone. Bye, bye gone! Now it's back and I'm feeling like I'm crazy! This blogger stuff is too much for me! LOL!

I remembered I have a few more market photos to show you! Well, not really market photos, but the "after I'm home from market" photos. I always manage to bring back souvenirs , something I blame on my mother. She's the one who taught me that you need souvenirs when you travel. It's just that I've gone from little china plates with the names of states to...

...a collection of crystal shakers and pretty glass containers, antique of course, from the Portland antique shops. We spent the day after market shopping and I found a lot of things I couldn't live without. How can you live without a wire market basket filled with old rolling pins? I can't. I'll take a photo as soon as I can find them. (:

And just look at the wool my friend Brenda GAVE to me at market. Yes, she GAVE it to me! She dyes it all by hand and it's so beautiful! I can't wait to play around with this! Thank you Brenda! If any of you managed to get some for yourself, treasure it. Because the process takes a lot of time ,she only does a small amount every market. She'll be selling some at the Long Beach Quilt Festival in July (at least I think she will). It's worth a trip.

Speaking of was my grand-daughter Michaela's 8th birthday party. We drove through the hills, to Livermore and I have to show you what you may have already hear about. The hills are filled with rows, and rows of power generating windmills! It's an amazing site and one that those of us who live here hardly notice anymore! I had my camera with me, and i took pictures for you from the car window. We were going 55 MPH so I'm amazed at how clear they came out.

On the way over to the party it was foggy...

On the way back it was sunny. The cows were grazing under these windmills. Not bothered at all by the sound of the blades turning.

You have to enlarge the photo above to get the "whole" picture. (Never mind, my pictures are NOT enlarging and I have no idea why). It's rows and rows of windmills that go on forever. The windmill power is sold to the power company! The only problem is the low flying birds (hawks etc.) are often killed when they hit the blades. It been a huge controversy here and one that hasn't been solved.

Just a pretty picture don't you think?

This one I call "Flying Solo".

And this is my grand-daughter Michaela opening her gifts. She's the one in pink. She had 16 girls at the party and they were so much fun to watch! GIRLFRIENDS are the best!

Hopefully Bunny Tales will be back on Monday if it's owner isn't stuck in the html section.