Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Did you think I quit?

I'm still here! I know it's been ages since my last post, and I NEVER like to let that happen, Tomorrow we turn the calendar over to May and it will be 13 days and counting before I leave for Portland. My head is swimming with things I still need to do! I've been up at 5AM every day working on patterns, and FINALLY the early hours are paying off. I am starting to see new patterns arrive from the printer, quilts coming back from the photographer and a bedroom stacked with things that will be going with me. Oh my, the chaos before a market is something to see (:

For the next few weeks, in the middle of all the chaos, I'm going to give you peeks of what's to come. Little bits of new patterns, market preparation, and what it takes to pull off International Quilt Market. It's so much work to get there, and I'll show you some of "what's happening" at Bunny Hill!

This Sweet Dreams pillow is part of this...

...stack of pillows waiting to be packed to go.

One more and they all come tumbling down!

Stay with me, I've got lots to share! It's the events before the event and it's a bit crazy.