Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One week and counting!

It's one week until I leave for Portland and yes, I am counting the days. I could use a few more days in the week, but at some point I just have to say I'm done. I'm trying to finish all my last minute things, making lists and making them again. My husband still has to fireproof all the drapes with this awful liquid stuff, and make a rod to hang my cute little candle chandelier. No easy task for sure but that's why we have husbands! Right?

Remember those little pillows I showed you awhile back? Well, I'm desperately trying to photograph them myself because I can't get my photographer here in time. So I took this pretty picture, uploaded it to my computer and then realized "Oh No!" The pillow actually says weet reams instead of Sweet Dreams. Would you buy a pillow that says weet reams? Come on, just for me? That way I don't have to redo the photo. LOL! Ok, I'll redo it, but it's your fault if I'm not ready for market!

Now look who wants a first class seat on the airplane? It's Bitty Kitty! She's been a trouble maker for sure. It took five times to get her "just right". That poor little body has gone from skinny to plump. Then she wouldn't let me put pins in her so I had to add a mouse. Finally I have a Bitty Kitty Pincushion to go with Bitty Bird and Bitty Bunny. She sits in a saucer, just wishing for some milk. (:

So now it's back to the photo shoot. Wish me luck. Weet reams everyone!