Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sundays are Like That!

Sunday is my catch up day of the week. I love Sunday! I can take a break from the phone you see peeking out by my desk, and I feel like the day is all mine!

Last week in my studio, I put a table up against a wall, added a few of my favorite things, and now I have a place to spread out, with papers, pens and even vintage books nearby. Today I've spent the whole day at this desk, working on all those little projects calling my name. No matter how messy the desk top gets, all those things on the shelf are always ready to inspire me!

A few of my treasures...notice the bunny egg cups from Sur la Table?

I collect vintage glass salt & pepper shakers and fill them with Crystal beads.

All shapes and sizes!

And Max, my 16 year old tabby, has been watching me work. He loves the comfy white chair right by my desk. That is one smart cat!

I love Sunday don't you?