Thursday, March 6, 2008

He actually called!

To all you little sweet pickles out there, I just have one thing to say...He called me! Yes, the man himself called...Mark Lipinski. I have to say I was excited. It was like talking to the Martha Stewart of the quilting world, and those that know me well, know how much I ADORE Martha. He's a whole lot funnier and he hasn't been to jail that I know of LOL!

He has the best job in the whole world because he gets paid to be himself. How cool is that? Not to mention his writing skills, design skills, and yes, people skills. He had me eating out of his hand in the first five minutes. He's going to add me to an article he's doing in the July/August issue! Can you believe it?

Warning: If you don't think this man is cool, then don't go here . He's not for the weak of heart. You gotta get out that sense of humor before you visit. Anyone who wants to sew pearls on a patterned shirt is FUNNY! Oh, and creative too.

Chelsea wants to meet Tulip. A Chihuahua and a pug. Can't you see it?