Friday, February 29, 2008

Bird Legs

My little dog has bird legs and she doesn't even know it. Now I have to tell her she has to have surgery on both of these beautiful little legs. Poor Chelsea jumped up for a toy, came down and started crying. She's been limping off and on every since. Of course a visit to the vet was called for. We've been there so much they know us by name. She has something with a long name called luxating patella. Why on earth they can't just call it a slipped knee I don't know. I think with a luxating patella you can charge more.

She has to have this surgery or she'll go lame. It's just killing me to do it. I would rather have the surgery myself! I made the appointment for March 12th. ...a day I would rather skip. We couldn't do it sooner because the vet needs a full morning. It's surgery on both little legs.

Has anyone been through this with their pet? I understand it's common with these small breeds. What's so amazing when you own a pet, is the feeling that you would do anything for them. It's the licks and the cuddles!

I have an area in my studio where I can sit and watch TV. It's a rocking chair with some magazines close by. I'm all ready for her (:

In the meantime, Bitsy has recovered.

She's very happy tucked in bed with her head on the pillow.

Nite, nite!

No we don't treat our pets special. Get serious!