Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Monday!

This little flu bug is a tough guy to beat. He takes your brain and makes it mush, and then he jumps up and down on your body to make sure you know he's there! But after a week in bed I think he's a bit tired and I am back to work! Thank you to all my friends who left me a get well note!

I'm drowning in a sea of fabric and it makes me feel so happy! Just look at this table! Doesn't it make you want to drive right in and see what you can do? My assistant Nireko is coming over today and we are going to pick and choose from this stack and more. By the time we are done, a quilt will be in progress!

I've singled out a few already and these are ready to be put to work. By the time you see them they will be cut up, stitched and appliqued. YEAHHHHHH!!!!

And for all of you who are following Chelsea's progress, she ran like a maniac all around the yard yesterday. No stopping her. I would say she is almost back to normal. LOL!

I've also heard that my RSS Feed is not working. I have no idea how to fix this so if someone out there knows what to do, PLEASE email me. (:

I'll keep posting this week and show you some quilt progress as we go along!