Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunny Club Day!

I had the best day today! It was Bunny Club day at Thimble Creek. No, we don't show up wearing rabbit ears, and we don't just work on Bunny Hill projects! This wonderful group of ladies bring whatever project they are working on and we laugh, sew and sometimes I actually teach something. It's the once a month class I have at our local quilt store and I always look forward to it.

Because these ladies are so creative I always come home inspired by them! Today, Jean Denak from Napa, CA was busy working on an embroidery by Meg over at Jean's embroidery is just perfect and she does everything using a tiny, tiny stem stitch. Today I learned she uses a tiny 3" hoop, and a size 11 Embroidery needle (it's shorter in length). I'm all excited to try these needles! I love needles with a shorter length. They give you more control.

My friend Chickie let me borrow her "Artful Blogging" magazine. I was so excited to see the article on Kim over at Daisy Cottage!
I hope you can enlarge this photo and read Kim's paragraph. It's so inspiring! She is a dream and SUCH a sweetheart! Better run out and get a copy, read it and then visit her blog. She just so happens to be in another magazine I just bought! Hop on over! It's Easter weekend (:

My dear friend Kris Schnieders from Alameda, came up after class and handed me a little brown bag. Inside was this WONDERFUL little pink lamb. It's all glittery! And did I say it's pink? Glittery? Pink? How good can it get? (:

Then, when I came home and walked in the door, Chelsea RAN, yes RAN down the hall to greet me! She was so excited she forgot her legs didn't work right! As you can see she has become the poster girl for women's Rogaine. The bald patch on her back is from the pain patch she wore. Little red hairs are already growning back in.

Hope your day was just as good. Sharing the day with friends doesn't get any better.