Saturday, February 23, 2008

White Pitchers on Yellow Wall

You'd think this was an easy thing to some white pitchers and arrange them on the mantle. Well guess what? It's been a decorating fiasco and it's all because of my husband. Yes, my husband who thinks he is the decorator. My husband has this "thing" about symmetry.

It was fine when we just had one pitcher. Not much he could do with that except move it into the center. Of course he just couldn't resist. It wasn't long until I noticed the pitcher right in the center. I think he even measured to make sure it was right.

Then it wasn't long until he took my three pitchers above and did this...

One in the center and the other two on each end, equal distance apart.

And with five pitchers you get a range from large to small....

So now after I've threatened you know what, I finally have this...well, as of 1:o4 PM Pacific time.

Of course now I have 10 pitchers...even number, can't have that. We may have to add on to the mantle to make us both happy. (: