Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bunny Crazed

I had a phone conversation tonight with my friend Anne, about how to balance things in my life. You know, work vs. play? Seems mine is a little out of balance right now. So the minute I hung up the phone I went shopping. Well, I didn't actually leave the house, but it's a start!

I spent an hour shopping on the internet. Thought I would just peek at the Easter goodies, maybe find a new bunny, maybe not. Well guess what? I am addicted to bunnies! I can't help it. Given the chance and a credit card I can buy lots of bunnies in a very short time. So much for my comment on being picky about bunnies in the last post. Lasted for a day.

Pottery Barn was my first stop and look at the bunny platter I found! It has little bunnies around the edge! How cute will my fresh baked tarts look on this platter? You can have one too! Just go to http://www.potterybarn.com/ and do a search for "bunny platter".

Next stop was Sur La Table http://www.surlatable.com/. They have all kinds of kitchen things and at this time of year they also have bunnies! Here's what's coming to my house very soon...a topiary bunny. One I have to try to keep alive! He might even sit on that bunny platter I bought! At least for a photo (:

... and egg cups for all those Easter eggs I'm sure to decorate!

No, I didn't buy these little bean bag bunnies. But aren't they cute? I may have to go back.

Tomorrow I'm off to Home Goods. Yes, the real store. There's one near my house and I hear it calling my name!