Monday, February 4, 2008

Going to Australia!

We were sleeping on the job yesterday! I totally forgot I said the giveaway would be Sunday, and Chelsea wasn't any help at all. Bitsy and Chelsea slept right through Super Bowl Sunday! Not very good assistants for sure!

This morning we got up early (well at least one of us did) and did the random number generator. I could have made this drawing really cute, but remember I'm already a day late! So I added the three comments from the "Life" post, put in the numbers 1 through 91 and the winner is #12, Dawn in Australia! She is new to blogging, and only has one post. You can visit her blog "Stitching for Pleasure" at and leave a comment so she'll know you were there! Dawn, email me your address and these little treats will be on their way to you in time for Valentine's Day! Congratulations! Get ready to add another post to your blog! We'll all come visit again!

Thank you to all who left a comment. I love these giveaways and I'll do more in the future.