Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bitsy, Mary, Me and Mary's little friend

18 stitches later and I'm feeling really guilty. Poor Bitsy had to go back to the vet today. When we got up this morning I didn't like the look of her incision. My instincts were right. We think she might be licking her stitches at night when we're sleeping. During the day she leaves them alone, as long as I'm nearby, and so I've let her go without the plastic hood she has to wear. See why I feel so guilty? She was very brave while she was stitched up once again. Now it will be another 10 days before they come out. The vet said she can have the hood off she's right next to me, but otherwise it has to go on. I must say she looks like I'm beating her when I put it on. This has not been easy for either of us.

Now, for the Mary part of this post. Here's a picture Gina at http://www.quiltersbuzz.com/
sent me the other day. It's Mary Engelbreit, me and Mary's little friend at fall market! I have to say, Mary's little friend (right side) isn't at all impressed. Somehow I doubt that Mary was either because this is one of hundreds of photos people took of her...photos of her, not me (:

I'm actually working on a little design using Mary's new fabric line. Opps, I gave it away when I said a little design! Drats! I was so surprised when I opened up Mary's fat quarter bundle and found a full panel of her little friend (on the right) on top of the bundle! She comes with the bundle! A full panel!
So, here's a preview of her fabric line and my little project. Looks so "Mary" don't you think? You can never have too many dots! Never!

I'll keep you posted on Bitsy.